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Places of Interest in Morocco

Places To Visit and Buy Morocco Property


The internationally famous Moroccan centre of culture is located at the foot of the breathtaking Atlas Mountains and surrounded by a lush Oasis. With 333 days of sunshine per year and easy access from northern Europe this amazing city offers something for everyone.

The National Moroccan office of Tourism devotes 25% of its national budget to Marrakech in order to maintain its reputation as a premier luxury tourist destination. This is part of a Government commitment to increase tourism from 2 to 10 million visitors by 2010 and Marrakech is already seeing a dramatic rise in interest. Occupancy rates are higher than ever.


Melilla is a Spanish enclave 60 km from the resort. Melilla was a free port before Spain joined the European Union and fishing remains the principal industry. Built on a huge rock connected with the mainland by a rocky isthmus, there is a harbour accessible to small vessels. A chain of small forts protects the isthmus, and walls surround the town. Among the major sights are the Medina Sidonia and the municipal museum.


The oldest of the imperial cities (275 km from Saïdia ), and perhaps the symbolic heart of Morocco , Fès' intrigue lies in its labyrinthine streets and crumbling grandeur. The medina of Fès el-Bali (Old Fès) is one of the largest living medieval cities in the world, surrounded by magnificent walls and gates. Unlike many walled cities, the population of Old Fès remains contained, instead exploding out towards the southwest and spreading to the hillsides in an arc stretching north and south of the new city.

The Medersa Bou Inania. A theological college constructed in 1350, towers over the Old Fès. Frequently called the museum city, Fès is a virtual window into Moroccan history. The city's success in maintaining the inherent character of its dynastic architecture throughout the centuries is apparent in its 143 mosques, original ramparts, antique médersas, and palaces.

Tangier - Chefchaouen

A beautiful little town with a tranquil atmosphere and nearly all the walls are blue.

Agadir & Essaouira

Agadir and Essaouira are two destinations famed for providing ideal conditions in which to windsurf, but if windsurfing is not your thing, these two towns have an incredibly rich history waiting to be discovered.

Glaoui, Telouet

The Kasbah at Glaoui, Telouet. This amazing building conjures up images of horse mounted warriors riding across the plains of Telouet. It was home to whom the Moroccans used to call 'the Prince of Darkness'. It is an incredible sight and well worth a visit.


Any art lover has to visit Asilah during the month of August when there is an International arts festival. Not only is this village one of the most beautiful places to visit, the art festival is a feast for the eyes.