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Travel to Morocco

One of the important considerations when choosing an area in which to invest is the ease of access from Northern Europe.

Many Northern Europeans have purchased holiday homes based on cheap airfares from a particular airline only to find that the service is subsequently withdrawn leaving only very expensive and/or inconvenient alternatives. In addition to the inconvenience and expense these factors can have a material effect on property values.

Morocco has a growing tourist industry and is already well served with many airlines and this will automatically improve further as the tourist industry develops.

An Open Skies policy is now in place between Morocco and Europe and this competition for Moroccan air space means that new routes and carriers are entering the market and is reducing fares.

Ryanair, Europe's leading low fares airline have announced the completion of a five year agreement with the Government of Morocco to develop low cost air access and tourism to the country from Ryanair's bases throughout Europe. This reflects the Moroccan Government's policy of encouraging significant growth in its tourism industry as well as providing low cost access to its citizens for business and leisure purposes. The agreement covers most of the regional airports in Morocco including Oujda.

Other airlines that provide comprehensive services to and within Morocco include BMI, Easyjet, Iberia, British Airways, Air France Royal Air Maroc and Air Europe on a daily basis.

We all know that, amongst other factors, a healthy property market relies upon a thriving tourist economy. Free, easy passage for visitors via an efficient road system and public transport improves the quality and appeal of any investment location. A destination that is easily accessed wins points over other locations.

The announcement that a motorway construction programme to build a target 160 km of road per year until 2010 comes as no surprise within the rapidly expanding economic arena of Morocco. The result will be greatly improved communications to all areas of Morocco and a further increase in visitors who regard Morocco as an advanced country that competes well with EU standards.

By 2010, Morocco will be well equipped with a total of 1,450km of new roads, projecting it further onwards as a leader in the worldwide property investment market place.