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Why Morocco?

Why Buy A Property In Morocco?
  • Mediterranean Climate. Average temperatures of 19° Celsius. More than 3000 hours of sunshine per year.

  • Easy access from the USA and northern Europe. 3 hours from London.

  • Low cost of living. Enjoy a luxury lifestyle for very little.

  • Beautiful geography. Endless stretches of unspoilt beach. Mountains, fertile plains and rivers flow into the endless sands of the Sahara.

  • Captivating Moorish culture at its finest. Distinctive flavour of the cuisine and allure of the colourful Moroccan market place.

  • Morocco is now considered one of the most fashionable retreats for the rich and famous. Famous home-owners in include: Yves Saint Laurent, Elizabeth Taylor, P Diddy, Barbara Hutton, The Rolling Stones, Jean Paul Gaultier, Richard Branson and the Beckhams.